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Leah Gullion is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator offering classes and sessions that provide clients with life-changing

techniques, tools, and processes designed to empower them to create the life they desire. The step-by-step methods she shares facilitates clients in being more conscious in everyday life and assists in eliminating barriers up to receiving. What she shares is practical, dynamic, and pragmatic.



For more than ten years, Leah has been working with people to create the change they are asking for. She has worked on Corporate Teams, with Individual Clients and Groups of Women and the change she has witnessed with the Access Consciousness Tools inspires her to continue to share with anyone that is seeking change.


Many people go through each day with a head down push forward mentality. What if there was a different way to go through life?

An approach that left you feeling inspired about the possibilities that are waiting with each day.

INTERESTED in a Class or a Session?

Feel free to contact Leah at

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